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All road vehicles in the UK that are over three years old must pass MOT test. It is to ensure they can be driven safely on the roads. Important parts of the vehicle are checked thoroughly during the test to ensure they meet high safety and legal standards. There are mot birmingham test centres that are authorised to conduct these tests and provide certificate to the vehicle owner. During the test process, the vehicle owner can view everything from a safe distance but cannot interrupt the tester conducting the test.

More information on mot birmingham.

Parts of the Vehicles That Are Tested

It depends on the type of vehicle being tested. Parts are tested depending on whether it is a car or motorcycle. The test does not involve checking of clutch, gearbox and engine conditions. It is limited to certain parts and components of the vehicle. First of all, the vehicle's identification number and registration plate are checked. The vehicle's lights, steering and suspension, wipers, windscreen, horn, seats, seat belts, fuel system, doors, mirrors, wheels, tyres, brakes and bodywork are checked. Special equipment is used to check the vehicle's exhaust emissions. All these checks are performed to ensure the vehicle meets all regulatory, safety and emission standards.

Types of Vehicles That Require MOT Test

Cars and motorcycles are required to undergo annual MOT test. Light good vehicles must undergo this test annually after they are three years old. All heavy good vehicles and large passenger vehicles must be tested every year after completing the first registration anniversary. There are some specific rules and regulations applicable to each category of vehicle. Taxis are now required to undergo more rigorous tests every year. A taxi license test is mandatory for any vehicle that is used to carry paid passengers. Trailers exceeding 3500 kg weight must be tested every year after completing the first year of purchase.

How to Apply for the MOT Test?

This test is performed by trained, certified and experienced testers at the test centres that have been approved by the government departments for such tests. You can book this type of test for your vehicle through phone, mail, email, web interface or in person visit. You can cancel or change your vehicle test but you should read the terms and conditions for cancelling the appointment at the agency's website.

It is important not to miss scheduled maintenance works of your vehicle. Regular maintenance of your vehicle ensures that it passes the annual MOT test successfully.